Benefits of Using a Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Therapy

One of the best ways of curing sleep apnea is oral appliance therapy. If you have obstructive sleep apnea, oral appliances can be the game changer for you. 

Some people go for CPAP machines, surgeries, and other medications that maintain a continuous positive airway pressure to cure sleep apnea. Unfortunately, these are expensive and not everyone can tolerate CPAP machines. 

On the other hand, using an oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea can lead to benefits such as:

  • Solves the root problem
  • Very affordable 
  • Portable 
  • Suitable for all

And so much more!

So, today, I’ll share all the benefits of using a sleep apnea oral device in detail and why you should choose oral appliances over devices like the CPAP machine or surgeries. 


Advantages of Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Therapy

Sleep apnea oral appliance can have a huge positive impact on your health and sleep. Learn about all its benefits here.


No Hidden Charges

Oral appliance therapy is very cost-effective. Not only is the dental device affordable and requires a one-time payment, but you won’t have to spend any extras as these don’t use electricity. 

Typically, you don’t have to alter or adjust the device throughout the therapy, so there won’t be extra expenses. Besides being expensive, CPAP or any similar machine needs to be powered by electricity as long as they’re in use. 

These machines can require up to 100 watts. Given that you’ll be using these for the long term, it’s evident that the electricity bills will pile up to quite a heap.

This is why this dental device shines. Also, the cost of oral devices is lower than any other method of medication, be that devices or dental sleep medicine.


You Can Travel With It

One of the best perks of having dental appliances is that you can carry them anywhere and everywhere. Imagine relying on a CPAP machine when you have to travel. 

In fact, people with high or moderate OSA are usually lenient about traveling because they can’t live without their devices.

A dental appliance takes an easy win in this regard. These are small and can be carried very easily. So you won’t have to worry about traveling anymore!



Oral appliance therapy involves small appliances that can blend right in. You can easily wear these just before sleep, and they won’t stick out. In fact, some are made of translucent material so they are barely visible. 

Huge CPAP machines can be a problem for your bed partner or when a friend or family member stays over with you. You won’t be able to sleep without the machine because of obstructive sleep apnea, and you may feel embarrassed having to use a machine.


Treats the Root Problem

Trust me, the root cause of your sleep apnea can often be an underdeveloped jaw. This is especially true in the case of obstructive sleep apnea. In fact, this is the reason behind 98% of sleep apnea sufferers.

With their lower jaw forward, it gets difficult for them to breathe. This is because an underdeveloped jaw leads to different problems such as narrow palatal dental arch, crossbite, nasal obstruction, crooked teeth, etc.

These conditions, in turn lead to obstructive sleep apnea as they affect the lower or upper airway or both.

Oral appliances target these root problems and fix them over time. This morning repositioner will fix the forward position of your jaw and expand the airway of your mouth, thus improving sleep quality.

So, with these you just won’t be keeping sleep apnea at bay, but you’ll be fixing it for good.


Fixes Other Health Issues As Well

While an underdeveloped jaw leads to sleep apnea, that’s not the only problem that it causes. Having an underdeveloped jaw can also lead to health problems such as TMJ dysfunction, Bruxism, crooked teeth, etc.

In fact, it doesn’t stop there. Over time, these can lead to serious health conditions such as ADHD, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc. As you can see, with dental sleep medicine equipped, you’ll be able to live a much healthier life.


Get a Vivos Appliance Today!

The Vivos appliance is one of the best oral appliance therapy that you can opt for now. It looks a bit like a mouthguard. These oral appliances are designed to apply steady pressure on your palate to keep your jaws open throughout the night.

This opens up the respiratory airway and makes breathing much easier. You can prevent snoring and sleep apnea with this appliance.

What makes Vivos different from any other oral appliance therapy is that every device is customized as per the oral structure of the patient. With the unique design, it makes sure no problem is left untreated.

This appliance is designed to fix the position of your lower jaw, and it also widens your upper jaw. As it naturally improves sleeping conditions, you won’t have to opt for forced treatment procedures such as positive airway pressure therapies or surgeries.

It offers a multitude of other health benefits such as improved circulation, improved oxygenation of the blood, and a good night’s rest, all without causing any discomfort.

The best part is you can get your own Vivos appliance without having to visit a sleep specialist. You can visit our website, Sleep Apnea Treatment, and from there you can get your own Vivos appliance online.



The benefits of using sleep apnea oral appliance therapy outweigh the benefits offered by other treatment methods like CPAP. This is why we recommend oral appliance therapy to every person who’s having a problem sleeping.

If you have the symptoms of a serious sleep disorder, we recommend getting Vivos therapy soon. It takes Vivos around 18 months to fix your jaw position.

So, the sooner you get the therapy, the sooner you’ll be free from sleep apnea and loud snoring and prevent further health complications.